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Questions & Answers

What types of products are produced at the Dundas Quarry? What are they used for? How far do they travel?

The Lafarge Dundas Quarry has been and continues to be an important contributor to the annual supply of crushed stone to support the Hamilton and broader Ontario economy. The Lafarge Dundas Quarry produces between 3.5 to 4 million tonnes of high quality crushed stone products a year. Most of this crushed stone is used in construction work in Hamilton and surrounding areas within the Greater Horseshoe, within an hour's drive of the Quarry.

A significant proportion of our product is used directly by the Hamilton steel industry, which, of course, plays a key role in the Hamilton economy.

Numerous construction projects that you may be familiar with have used aggregates from the Dundas Quarry. These include water treatment plants, institutional projects, 400 series highways and local road improvement projects, as well as other local projects such as Copps Coliseum, Flamborough’s Innovation Centre and the City of Hamilton’s Bayfront Park.

What are the hours of operation for the Dundas Quarry?

The Lafarge Dundas Quarry operates all year long, 24 hours a day. Production typically occurs nine months out of the year. The rest of the months are typically used for maintenance work. Shipping occurs year-round out of the Processing Area on the south side of Highway #5. Shipping hours are typically from 6am - 5pm during the high season from Monday to Friday.
Please call the Scale Office for more details at 905-527-2744 or 905-527-3671.

How do I purchase material from the Dundas Quarry?

Material can be purchased directly from the site by calling the Scale Office at 905-527-2744 or 905-527-3671, or by visiting the site through our Highway #5 entrance.

Where do I find information on your new expansion, and what efforts are you making to minimize impacts to the community?

The Dundas Quarry has been providing material in this area for approximately 100 years. We want to continue and strengthen our partnership with the community through an expansion of our South Quarry. If the stone from the Dundas Quarry were not available and had to be replaced from sources further away, added transportation costs for users of the stone would be significant.

The Dundas Quarry provides additional significant economic benefits to the community in the form of direct employment, indirect employment, property taxes, and aggregate license fees. The proposed South Quarry Extension will be operated as a continuation of the South Quarry, phased sequentially, and will maintain existing hours of operation and haul routes. For more information on this project, please see the "About our Proposal" section of this website.

What kind of rocks and minerals are found at the Dundas Quarry?

The Lafarge Dundas Quarry is located within the Guelph and Lockport Formations that were formed during the Silurian Period. The rock that is extracted here is classified as bituminous dolomitic limestone. The top bench is primarily the Guelph Formation and is metallurgical grade limestone prized by the steel industry. The bottom bench is primarily in the Eramosa Formation and is dolostone.

The Quarry is rich in minerals, and not so much in fossils. Most of the minerals here are found in the contact areas between the limestone and the dolostone. Minerals found at the Lafarge Dundas Quarry, as compiled by the T.J., London Gem and Mineral Club, include: Calcite, Celestite, Fluorite, Gypsum, Sphalerite, Galena, Pyrite, Marcasite, Quartz, Selenite, Strontianite, Dolomite, Chalcopyrite, Pyrrhotite, Aragonite, and Melanterite. Mineral specimens from this quarry have been on display at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Earth Science Museum in the University of Waterloo, amongst other places.

Can I get a tour of the Dundas Quarry?

The Lafarge Dundas Quarry has been actively participating in educating numerous groups over the years. You are very welcome to visit and we offer tours periodically. Please contact our Plant Manager, Peter Sanguineti, at 1-800-358-6049 to put your name on the list for our next tour.

Can the Dundas Quarry sponsor my charity?

The Lafarge Dundas Quarry places much value in being a good neighbour. Lafarge has created an initiative called “Deep Roots”, that emphasizes monetary sponsorships, in-kind donations, and volunteer hours in an effort to give back to our local communities on an annual basis. For more information, please contact the Plant Manager, Peter Sanguineti, at 1 800 358 6049.