Local Conservation Area

Local Conservation Areas

Lafarge Dundas is proud of our long standing history with our local conservation authorities. Past projects within the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) and the Conservation Halton (CH) include the Lafarge 2000 Trail, the Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve, and the Bruce Duncan Wildlife Teaching Garden.

In 2005, Lafarge's $16,500 in-kind material donation was critical to the Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve project to rehabilitate an abandoned quarry into a wetland, and created a new breeding area for reptiles, small mammals and birds.

In 2009, Lafarge contributed material to the Bruce Duncan Wildlife Teaching Garden. The garden is a place where schoolchildren and visitors are able to see, touch and observe the changes over time to natural displays that assist with environmental education programs.

In addition, Lafarge Dundas was a “Tree Level” sponsor for the inaugural Halton Forest Festival that took place in 2012 at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area. The festival provided a platform to inform community members about their local environment and raise awareness about the value of their forest ecosystems.

In fact, Lafarge was recently acknowledged for their support of the HCA by being added to the HCA’s Donor Recognition Wall as a “Diamond Sponsor” signifying contributions of over $100,000 to date from the Dundas Quarry.